Review: Nars natural radiant longwear foundation

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Happy valentine’s day everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day and it’s filled with nothing but love and happiness!

Anyways, now about the foundation! I recently bought this foundation two days ago and i’m already In love with it! I have it in the shade 3 ‘gobi’ which is the shade I am in, in all their foundations.

This foundation details for $49 dollars and along with tax I paid $53 for this foundation. It comes with a pump and a narrow glass bottle. I bought mine at sephora in the store so I had the chance to swatches some of the shades, to find my perfect shade. First thing about this foundation is that I realized that it is very full coverage and flawless. On my dry skin It didn’t cling onto many dry patches, only my acne marks that were very dry. It was a satin matte/matte on my skin, and I wasn’t bothered by it. The first day I got this I immediately went home and tried it out, sitting product all over my face once i blended it out I realized I used wayyy too much on my face. I kept it on all day until the night time and it looked flawless, and none of it wore off during the day which I was so happy about. especially me being very sick recently, rubbing my nose and taking naps everyday wasn’t a good thing when it came to testing out new makeup. But surprisingly this foundation lasted through my naps and rubbing of the nose and face.

Now I recommend this foundation to anyone who needs full coverage, natural looking, yet a flawless skin like finish. It looked natural when used the right way, I would use one pump for my entire face and it worked perfectly for my skin! My scale rating is 10/10 this is definitely one of my holy grail foundations now!!

I hope everyone has a good day, and everyone fills up with candy and chocolate even if you don’t have a s/o go out and pamper yourself! don’t be scared to!!

xoxo, maddie!


Review: Kylie Jenner Nice holiday palette

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hello loves! Today I am going to be talking about the Kylie Jenner nice palette that was launched last year around christmas time. This palette retails for $44 dollars and I believe that it is no longer being sold on her website. But I am not sure!

As you guys can probably tell, my palette is a little bit dirty (oopsies!) It is very much loved. This palette has 6 shimmer/metallic shades and 8 matte shades. It’s mostly a combination of cool and warm tones in the palette. My favorite shades are, santa baby, macaroon, jack frost, and slay. Jack frost being my most favorite cause you can never go wrong with a white gold shade!

Anyways, now talking about the quality of this palette This palette is actually a pretty decent amount of pigment and a Good amount of shades you can use everyday. This is my first palette from kylie jenner and I also own the naughty palette as well, the nice palette being my absolute favorite. The shimmer/metallic shades are very pigmented and you can clearly see how shiny they are on the eyelids. As with the matte shades they are beautiful and never look muddy when blended together with another shade. The only shade I had difficulties with was Hot Cider It would be very patchy on my skin no matter how much i blended and tried adding more. It just would not budge and work with me! Let me know if any of you had the same issue as me, maybe it’s cause I don’t use an eyeshadow primer! I definitely recommend this palette if any of you can get your hands on it, and If maybe you received it for christmas like I did.

anyways! sorry this wasn’t a very good blog post, and It may have been a bit boring But like i’ve been saying I am currently sick with bronchitis and trying very hard to not pass out during the day lol. Just from being so tired! So I hope you all understand, and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will look forward for future posts! As always don’t forget to like and follow for more beauty insight let’s try and get me to 30 followers! and maybe 40 likes? we can do this!! Have a good day and a good rest of the week my loves!

xoxo, maddie!

Favorite concealers of 2018!

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hi lovies! I am so sorry for not posting yesterday! I have been sick for the past few weeks and I have my days where I am just so tired and I can’t do anything but sleep. But I am back and here to show you guys my favorite concealers ranging from high coverage to light coverage! also what concealers I believe work best on each part of the face.

Too faced born this way concealer

I own this concealer in the shade Very fair and It has a yellow undertone to it. Reason why I absolutely love this concealer Is that it doesn’t dry out my skin, and it’s so creamy on the face! Granted it doesn’t have a full coverage like some others I will be talking about today, But it does have a medium to maybe light full coverage. Also another plus is the cute packaging I mean too faced makes nothing but adorable packaging that captivates the eyes! My final rate for this concealer is a 8.5/10 just because it’s not full coverage to cover all my scars or acne that I have right now.

L’oréal paris MagicLumi highlighter

Now for some reason this is called a highlighter? what? I didn’t know that. I use it as a concealer for those days where my under eyes look decent. Also for those days where I want to kind of glow and look like I am 100% awake! I own this concealer ‘highlighter’ In the shade Fair. This one I don’t lean towards too much but for those days I am into the whole ‘natural’ makeup look. This one is my go to!! Onto the rate for this concealer, My ‘natural’ makeup self would say 9/10 but My ‘glam’ makeup self would probably say 6/10 haha.

Maybelline New York Master conceal Camouflaging concealer

I mostly like this concealer because It’s in a squeeze tube and it’s super full coverage! Without drying your skin out and without looking heavy/caky. I use this concealer on days where I want to look flawless or on those days where I don’t wear foundation and just concealer! which recently has been all the time, since i’m sick. This is also in the shade 20 Light, it has a yellow undertone and I believe the shade above that one pulls more of a pink undertone. I of course rate this concealer a 9/10! you’ll see my absolute favorite concealer next.

Catrice Cosmetics liquid camoflage

This concealer right here Is my holy grail, everyday, all day, concealer! I love this product so much it’s pretty crazy. This is just a very recent purchase too I only bought it a few weeks ago and have been more than In love with it. This concealer seriously is Full coverage and It’s a lot like the maybelline master conceal but more creamy. Oh and it’s way less thick too on the skin, it feels weightless and looks absolutely beautiful! I feel like this stuff is purely magic and for $6 you can’t beat that! So all my ladies/men who need a new concealer stop looking cause this one right here you will love. And all my people who are ballin on a low budget you will find that this is your new go to! I definitely rate this a 10/10! seriously you need this.

anyways! I hope all of you enjoyed this post and again I am sorry for the lack of content but I promise you guys can look forward to a new blog post tomorrow. But shhh it’s a secret you’ll have to come back tomorrow and find out! I hope you all have a great day and of course don’t forget to like, and follow for more beauty insight.

xoxo, maddie 🙂

Skincare favorites 2018

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hello loves!! Today i’m going to be talking about some of my die hard favorite skin care products! basically the products I could never live without.

Most of it is skin care related except of course the amazing toothpaste! That falls under the category of hygiene products but whatever suits you.

First we will talk about this absolutely amazing facial cleansing brush! One side are these soft bristles and the other side is this deep cleaning silicone brush. I bought It off amazon for only $12 how great! This really cleans my face to make sure there is no funky dirt or excess makeup left on my face.

Next, Is this bomb simple micellar cleansing water I use this before the cleansing brush. I use it to take off all my makeup (most of it) and it’s super gentle and easy to use!! Also it doesn’t dry out my skin which is a super plus for me.

Now, This lash and brow shampoo by beauty garde! I use this on my lash extensions along with my brows. It gets all the gunk off of my brows and eyes while keeping my lash extensions soft and nice! This has a super soft brush on the end and the shampoo gel inside is cooling on the skin. Definitely one of my absolute favorites!

This is a new found love of mine, I don’t have yellow teeth and my teeth are not perfectly white like in the movies. But this did help whiten my stubborn areas on my teeth that just would not budge! This is the finevine Charcoal toothpaste from amazon and it’s only $14!

I was actually recently given this by my dermatologist for my dry skin! I am on accutane and my skin and lips have never been so dry. She gave me a ‘goody bag’ full of samples of moisturizers and this one just happened to be my favorite! It’s ‘water activated’ and I use it right when I get out of the shower/bath. It’s amazing! It moisturizes my skin like no other and doesn’t feel greasy or oily. I recommend this for my girls/guys who have dry, cracking, flaking skin!

Last, but certainly not the least! This baby here is pretty up there in price and I’m sure that there is dupes out there but I was given this around christmas time. I fell in love with it the moment i used it, It’s a gel kind of milky texture and It just melts into your skin so easily. It hydrates the skin pretty well, and with the combo of my moisturizer they are a hydrating duo made up in the skies! Definitely recommend this for people who have the cash to splurge on skin care! again there may be dupes out there and find whatever works with your skin! this is just what I love and what works with me and my crazy bipolar skin.

anyways, I hope you all enjoy this blog post and As always don’t forget to like and follow for more beauty insight!

xoxo, maddie

Elf beauty haul

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hey there lovelies!

I recently purchased some things from the elf cosmetics website and let me just say I am already obsessed!! I only bought a few things and actually got some free things. I decided that since elf had came out with some new things I knew that I needed to quickly add them to my cart. It only took a few days to arrive at my doorstep and I was beyond excited! I will list all the items and their prices.

E.l.f primer mask- 3 pack $6.00

E.l.f Pore Refining glitter mask $8.00

(this was apart of the free gift that I got along with everything) Powder Blush palette $6.00

Brightening eyeliner pencil $1.00

Volumizing and defining mascara $2.00

Needless to say this was a very cheap haul and i’m digging it!! also stay tuned for tomorrow where I’m going to be showing you some of my favorites! I hope everyone has a good day and don’t forget to like and follow me for more beauty insight!

xoxo, maddie

Review/thoughts: Tarte shape tape foundation

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hello everybody!!

So I first bought the tarte shape tape foundation the day it launched, Not looking at any of the shade ranges and of course went for the palest shade they offered. Which was porcelain, after It was ordered I decided to look more into it, noticing that there was only 2 shades for POC. WHAT?! that’s no where near okay, and I can’t be complaining too much cause most brands are 50 shades of beige. But 2 shades? come on Rihanna did way better than that! anyways, this foundation is $39 dollars and currently has 15 shades (there are 10 more shades in the works) Its already on tarte’s website and will soon be launching on ultas website.

The Review:

Now needless to say, I still did test out the foundation and Shockingly I loved it. I ended up purchasing the hydrating version, and Like I said before In the palest shade they offered. This foundation claimed to be a ‘Full coverage, Luminous, Skin smoothing foundation’ Now I agree with the Luminous, and Skin smoothing but the Full coverage? goodness no! I would say it’s more a medium-high medium coverage no where near Full like the huda beauty foundation. Anyways I did wear this foundation for the entire day, 12 hours to be exact It held up pretty nicely, It didn’t show any dry patches, didn’t separate, but did wear off where I was touching my face like around my nose for example. Also for some reason I felt like it would never want to stick to my nose? Anyone else had that issue? let me know if you did! or maybe it’s just my trustee hydrating primer not mixing well with it. The applicator:I found that with the doe foot applicator, It was easy, yet Unsanitary and very little product would get onto it. I found myself constantly sticking it back inside, pumping it then putting it back onto my face. why not just use a pump? It’s so much easier! That’s another issue I found with this foundation. Final thoughts:Overall, this foundation is pretty good at least it was to me. It’s not really worth the $39 dollars, I think that there is easily a dupe like the L’oréal true match lumi foundation. That one is amazing and it’s way more hydrating than this one! So my rate for this foundation will Probably be a 8/10 I do Recommend it If you can find your shade, But even if you can Think about if you really want to support a brand like Tarte who sees POC as an ‘afterthought'(p.s) Not trying to bash tarte by the way, just stating my personal opinion!

xoxo, maddie hope everyone has a good day!! leave a comment if you would like to see more reviews, or anything else!

Introducing me!

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hello!! I am madison aka maddie (my nickname!) I am a 15 year old beauty lovin girl! turning 16 this year shh my parents aren’t ready for me to grow up. I live with my family, of course my four wild child’s (the doggies!). the puppy pictured below her name is dory and she is new to the family! now more about myself!! I love anything having to do with makeup and of course disney i’m a huge fan of all the characters. I own too much makeup for my own good and I have too many things to say about products so I thought why not share what I think about certain products! while also showing you some of my eye looks, or makeup looks, to showing you my daily routines, and daily obsessions (trust me I have a lot). I hope to grow this blog to something huge! You will soon find out that I am a huge jokester and I love making jokes it’s always better to laugh a little (or should i say a ton) In life! If you have any questions or any suggestions on what to blog about feel free to leave a comment! And like this post to let me know that there is people out there who are alive and reading my posts!!